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Glass & Aluminum Products

350 Montauk Highway

Wainscott, NY 11975

P (631) 537 - 1515

F (631) 537 - 1815

On Site Visits

If you are not a full time resident, no worries! We do need to gain access to your home to obtain measurements for most jobs. We will happily work along side property owners, contractors and caretakers to safely and securely access your job.

Window Replacements

If we are planning a visit to your property to replace glass, we ask that you clearly mark your repair from the inside and outside with a visible material such as colored tape or post-it note. This way, we're all on the same page.


If we are measuring for shower/tub enclosures, we can only do so if the shower/tub is completely finished. This includes any tile & curb work. Our staff is available in the office from 8 - 4:30, Mon - Fri, and 8-12:00 PM on Saturdays, to help you design your shower enclosure. Layouts will be done in our office. If you require preliminary pricing for tub or shower enclosures, drop by with your plans or ideas. Our knowledgeable professionals will be happy to discuss your options. We also encourage you to let us review any plans you might have for an upcoming project. Our experience often gives us the ability to foresee potential issues with the design, or uncover options that you might not have considered.

We Cover a Lot of Ground.

Here are some tips that will help us better assist you!


Every job is unique, and we schedule installations according to your project's needs. Turn around time for installations may be effected by material lead times, weather and complexity. We are happy to discuss approximate lead times upon the acceptance of your job proposal.


Once we have all our measurements and information regarding your job, we will contact you with an estimate. In order to start your job, we will need you to review all details on the proposal. If all is correct, we ask you sign the proposal and give a 50% deposit, by cash, credit card or personal check.

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